Lambourn St, Chapel Hill

Ta Da………. Amazing what decluttering can do to totally transform a room and in this case a house! In this beautiful 5 bedroom house we used our clients exsiting furniture and added our own decor pieces to give it a fresh clean look. Take a look at the photos below, the results are amazing. No wonder why this house sold before auction.

Main bedroom


Before                                                         After

IMG_20150221_202208 image

Before                                                        After

image         image

Before                                            After


Before                                          After



Before                                           After


Before                                         After

image image

 Before                                                 After

image image


Before                                                   After

image image

Before                                                           After

image image

Egmont St, Sherwood Apartment

We recently styled this beautiful one bedroom apartment in Egmont street Sherwood. With open plan living and storage space to boot, this unfurnished apartment was an absolute pleasure to style. In styling a property for sale we love to show off its best assets and what each space has to offer. In the styling planning stage for this apartment we knew each space needed to speak for itself whilst still flowing from room to room with similar colours and textures.
imageIMG_20150303_143219IMG_20150303_140531IMG_20150303_135508What a GEM!!!

Riverside Apartment in Tennyson

We recently told a friend about our plans for Brushed Interiors and she was excited to suggest that we help to perfect her riverside apartment in Tennyson. The beds had been provided and dressed by Beds n Dreams in Aspley bur there was still many finishing touches needed including a number of small pieces of furniture. With a 3-day turn around we quickly brought the apartment together by adding some colour, texture and a beachy feel.

Here is the design board we showed our client:

Tennyson riverside apartment

The mood board put into action with a hamptons style feel….. What a success!!!

IMG_20141213_231249 IMG_20150115_185450 IMG_20141227_203853 IMG_20150112_102056 imageimage

Plumer St, Sherwood

We styled this home in Sherwood using the existing pieces of furniture with only a few minor additions (such as fresh towels and flowers).

The family was living at the property during the sale and had two small children (a baby and a toddler).  We were able to find storage solutions to ensure that the house appealed to the maximum number of buyers. The feedback from the agents was that the house was perfectly presented… and as a result it sold at the first open home for the full asking price!

After_Front of house After_Bedroom 1 After_Kitchen dining After_Living room After_Upstairs bathroom After_Stairs After_Upstairs deck After_Downstairs living room After_Downstairs deck After_Back of houseWe tailor our services to suit your needs and budget, so contact us today for a quote. See the Services Tab for more detailed information.

Megan’s Kitchen Renovation

Let’s get cooking… We finally finished Megan’s dream kitchen in her beautiful Queenslander in Brisbane and what a transformation! We don’t normally plan and orchestrate home renovations, but it really was a fun project. The previous owners had lived in the house for over 30 years and the lady of the house had very carefully oiled and scrubbed the cabinet doors every 6 months since the kitchen was installed. As you can imagine, we didn’t want to simply put in a new kitchen but instead we were intent on re-using the existing cabinets with just a fresh coat of paint.


After a bit of re-jigging, we think the result is pretty good!

Megan kitchen 2

The components of the kitchen were sourced from a range of different places, but the whole look came together to reveal a clean, vintage inspired, homely kitchen which is the perfect place to prepare delicious family meals.

+ the pressed tin splash back is from The Restoration Station in Ashgrove, Brisbane + the subway tiles are from Beaumont Tiles + the amazing Smeg freestanding cooker is from Greys Online + the clock is from Target + the vintage industrial pendant lights are from an old lawn bowls centre in South Australia

The kitchen was a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a new kitchen, with the cooker accounting for almost half the budget.

We finished the kitchen by styling it with a few special vintage and new items to bring a bit of colour and interest to the space.

Megan kitchen 3

While Brushed Interiors is focused on styling homes and creating beautiful spaces, we had a ball doing a complete reno on this kitchen!

A Place to Start

We have spent the best part of the last 4 years talking about what we love from an interior design perspective. We have collected an amazing array of pieces, including everything from one off antiques to industrial and rustic items that we have added a fresh feel to by sanding, painting or otherwise upcycling them. During this process we have come to the point where we share a common understanding of each other’s styles and have even found on certain occasions that we have bought exactly the same item without realising it! Our friends and family laugh when we are together because we understand what each other is saying, sometimes without even completing full sentences.

Brushed Interiors has evolved over time but really began when Megan was selling her first home. We worked together to style the interior and were pretty happy to find out that the agents were asked which interior designer the seller had used! We knew at this time that we were onto something.