A Place to Start

We have spent the best part of the last 4 years talking about what we love from an interior design perspective. We have collected an amazing array of pieces, including everything from one off antiques to industrial and rustic items that we have added a fresh feel to by sanding, painting or otherwise upcycling them. During this process we have come to the point where we share a common understanding of each other’s styles and have even found on certain occasions that we have bought exactly the same item without realising it! Our friends and family laugh when we are together because we understand what each other is saying, sometimes without even completing full sentences.

Brushed Interiors has evolved over time but really began when Megan was selling her first home. We worked together to style the interior and were pretty happy to find out that the agents were asked which interior designer the seller had used! We knew at this time that we were onto something.

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