Megan’s Kitchen Renovation

Let’s get cooking… We finally finished Megan’s dream kitchen in her beautiful Queenslander in Brisbane and what a transformation! We don’t normally plan and orchestrate home renovations, but it really was a fun project. The previous owners had lived in the house for over 30 years and the lady of the house had very carefully oiled and scrubbed the cabinet doors every 6 months since the kitchen was installed. As you can imagine, we didn’t want to simply put in a new kitchen but instead we were intent on re-using the existing cabinets with just a fresh coat of paint.


After a bit of re-jigging, we think the result is pretty good!

Megan kitchen 2

The componentsĀ of the kitchen were sourced from a range of different places, but the whole look came together to reveal a clean, vintage inspired, homely kitchen which is the perfect place to prepare delicious family meals.

+ the pressed tin splash back is from The Restoration Station in Ashgrove, Brisbane + the subway tiles are from Beaumont Tiles + the amazing Smeg freestanding cooker is from Greys Online + the clock is from Target + the vintage industrial pendant lights are from an old lawn bowls centre in South Australia

The kitchen was a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a new kitchen, with the cooker accounting for almost half the budget.

We finished the kitchen by styling it with a few special vintage and new items to bring a bit of colour and interest to the space.

Megan kitchen 3

While Brushed Interiors is focused on styling homes and creating beautiful spaces, we had a ball doing a complete reno on this kitchen!

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