We are Megan and Paula Mewing. Sisters-in-law and very good friends. We share a love for beautiful interiors. Megan is a mum of two (with one more on the way) and has a PhD in learning. Paula is a qualified hair stylist who makes friends with everyone she meets.

We live in sunny Brisbane, Australia – a city full of “tin-and-timber” heritage Queenslanders. These homes are made for the indoor-outdoor Brisbane lifestyle and often provide the perfect styling inspiration due to their honest VJ walls (timber tongue and groove / vertical join), solid timber windows and pretty yet functional internal breezeways.

Our designs are about presenting a homely feel that is fresh, clean, simple and stylish. We believe that the way a space is organised has a big impact on how people live. We love mixing the old and new – a rustic old farm chair with a bright fresh cushion can make a space feel clean and well-loved at the same time. We use neutral pieces and gorgeous textures overlaid with highlights of colour to create a space that is both approachable and breathtaking at the same time.

Whether you have a small brick townhouse, large family Queenslander or riverside apartment, our styling services can help make your property ready for sale or your house feel like a home.

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